The artistic activity of the office is completed with the personal work of Lena Kalidis  in the field of construction and art from natural materials.
Pieces of wood, roots, sand, dried plants combined with metal –copper, steel- on wooden surfaces or canvas painted in acrylic or oil colors are the main characteristics of her work which is constantly evolving and adjusting according to the special characteristics of the place where the works will be exhibited, since they constitute the finishing touch on its composition and decoration.


…….when the wood gets soul

….sand that sparkles in the sunshine, pieces of wood beaten by the waves, dry cane roots, twigs lying under rocks…all nature’s remains, stand daily as exhibits in their natural surroundings….and we pass by them, or step on them.

What can be more creative than giving soul to something lifeless ,
giving it existence and color ,
travelling you to imaginary places sometimes melancholic, sometimes paradisiacal….?!

…Lena Kalidis



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